A-Team Publishing better known as Allah Team Publishers is an edition and publishing company based in Atlanta G.A  that is well known in Hip-Hop American culture, since the mid-1990’s. This company has published the most profound spiritual and epistemological books studied by hip-hop scholars and activists. One of those books is The Book of God : The Encyclopedia of Fact’s that the Black Man is God written by Dr. Wesley Muhammad (True Islam) around 1998 and 1999.  Several of their books from their catalog could be a good choice of gift in these holiday’s season for all intellectual &  philosophical adept’s.

Many Hip-Hop conscious and notorious hip-hop artists and scholars such has : Jay-Electronica, Jay-Z, RZA, Nasir Jones, Busta Rhymes and many other’s had endorsed and supported the A-Team Publishing company over the year’s !  With no hesitation the administration of KapoisLamort.com , LesBossduQuebec.com and LivreRapQueb.com recommend that you support at 100% the work of the A-TEAM Publishing ( Allah Team Publishers)

For more information : http://www.theallahteam.com/

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