After the realization and success of the  series of Hidden Color’s the well known producer Tariq Nasheed had decided to produce an excellent documentary on the complete and general history of the Haitian Revolution. This project is titled 1804 The Movie . It cover’s with precision the impactful revolutionary actions of those African leaders such as Padre Jean,  Dutty Boukman, Makandal, Dessalines, Toussaint, Boisrond Tonnère and Cappoix Lamort in the liberation of blacks from the slavery system on the Island of Haiti.  This black population that was brought in America in 1503 and stayed in shackle until the end of 1803.

The movie reminds us also that the African consciousness  and it’s Animism didn’t came in Haiti with slavery but was in effective way and centuries before. As a matter of fact,  many scientific studies confirm us that African Blacks came with their Animist psychology to ancient America (Tarana) year’s before they were put in bondage by Nicolas Ovando and Christopher Columbus at the end of the 15th century.

For more information on 1804 The Movie,  a really constructive and educational movie produce by Mister Nasheed, the promotional and administrative team of and Prod Noire Media suggest you order it and purchase $$$ at this link :


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