K-Rino is viewed as a patriarch and respected figure in Houston rap scene. He is part of the foundation of real lyrical Houston hip-hop.  You can still find him in the same hardscrabble South Park neighborhood where he’s always been, and he’s got no plans to move. For the past 30-plus years, K-Rino has had to get by instead as the most respected rapper in Houston. Unparalleled in his lyricism, independence and old-fashioned truth-telling, the Houston Music Hall of Famer known as “The Wizard” takes a backseat to no one in the talent department. He is the founder of SPC Records. He first made his name slicing and dicing fools with the rhymes in the hallways of Sterling High back when rap barely had a name. Then, he just never stopped.
Never even slowed down; if anything, he’s accelerated. You see, K-Rino also happens to be the most prolific rapper in Houston. K-Rino had more than 30 albums of original material to his name. He was inducted in the Guiness Book  for the release of  those 7 albums dropped on the same week in mid- November 2016 : 1) Universal Curriculum. 2)Conception of Concept. 3)Enter the Iron Trap. 4)The Wizard’s Ransom. 5)American Heroes. 6)Welcome to Life. 7)Interventions. 


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