On  December 19 2006 Nasir Jones made a revolutionary move when he released the album  Hip-Hop is Dead. He was right and accurate because in 2016, a decade later,  the culture is in a zone far away from it’s boombap, spiritual and organic origins. Is it a bad thing? According to some analysis and several studies,  there’s nothing wrong with evolution. A great initiative that Nas made with the release of the Hip-Hop is Dead   was the track Where Are They Now. It paid an ultimate tribute to the Old School pioneers of Hip-Hop culture.


It was the first time in History that a famous, rich and relevant emcee made the effort to do an outreach to prove the relevancy of those artists who craved the foundation of the Hip-Hop culture from the late 1970s to  the early 1990s. Subsequently, three remixes from Where are they now were realized:

  1.  Where Are They Now (80’s remix)  

    with The Kangol Kid, UTFO, Dany Dan, Sha Rock, Doctor Ice, Grand Master Caz, Linque (Isis), Just-ICE, Peeblee Poo Raheem, M.C Shan and TiTo

  2.  Where Are They Now (90’s remix)

    with Rob Base, Redhead Kingpin, Positive K, Monie Love, Mike G( Jungle Brothers), Father MC, EST, Dres (Black Sheep), Chip Fu (Fu-Schnickens), Do It All ( Lord of the Underground), Krazy Drayz and The Original Spinderella

  3. Where Are They Now (westcoast remix)

    with  Kam, Candyman, Ice- T, King Tee, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Breeze, Threat and Conscious Daughters 


It’s a pleasure for the administration of www.kapoislamort.com to present them to you on this 10th anniversary of one of the greatest hip-hop album of the 2000s “Hip-Hop is Dead’’.

Enjoy those clips!



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