The Opening Ceremony will launch the first ever institutionalized Black History Month at McGill University hosted by the Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office. Joining us will be various prominent speakers, activists and distinguished guests from the greater Black community as well as from the McGill and local Quebec community.

We are so excited to announce that the panel will be graced by Rachel Zellars, Dorothy Williams, Uchenna Edeh and Kapois Lamort. The panel will be moderated by Nènè Konaté of CC: MTL.

The speakers will explore diverse histories and experiences of Black communities especially located in Montreal and Quebec. They will also make links to their work, research, art, and lived experience while discussing the important impact of Black people in the history of this country which prepares to celebrate several anniversaries this year. Our goal is to ensure that our stories are also written into this celebration of history!

The evening will also include cultural performances, musical entertainment, and food and drinks as we celebrate the diversity of Black excellence.

Please RSVP to the Opening Ceremony by using the Eventbrite link here before January 31, 2017:


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